Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 11

I had a dream that I was in an old church basement. Jake was getting baptized and I asked to be baptized as well. We had to crawl through tunnels to get to the location in the basement where the baptism would take place. There was a large amount of storage around us in the basement. Ben was going to baptize us both. I was going to ask Sam (maybe because I felt more comfortable with him at the time or because I thought that maybe he was more connected to heaven), but I didn't because I didn't want Sam to have to get wet and change when Ben already had to. It was less trouble that way. Ben's mom was there. She asked me if I wanted to use a shrug to go with my dress. My dress was white and black, long with long sleeves. The dress was mostly white but it had a strip of black in the front down the middle as well as down both of the sleeves. The shrug was sheer material and it was black with small white polka dots. I didn't end up wearing the shrug. I questioned why the dress wasn't all white, but I shrugged it off. My hair was in a braid. The baptism took place in the basement but the audience watched from directly above through a glass window on the floor. From what I remember, Jake and I were baptized and everyone returned home. The next evening I was trying to get ahold of Ben because I had a dream that I was to get baptized that night as well. Actually I was to be baptized three nights in a row. I went and met up with him but he was leaving the church already. I remember there was a long moment in which both of us made eye contact. He asked me if there was anyone in that area that I knew needed help with anything. I said no, but I went and asked a girl in one of the houses. She said that a man who lived just over the hill needed help. I went to tell Ben, but really we didn't hav a lot of details about where he lived. We decided that maybe we would let a dog loose and he would show us the way. The dream fizzled out after that.

July 8

So I've been writing down all of my dreams least the ones I feel are important to record. Lately I've just been writing them down in my notes app on my iphone. (Probably not the smartest decision being that there isn't a lock on my phone and everyone has access to everything I've been dreaming). Anyway, I realize I haven't been posting on this blog and I think the reason is because I don't always have an understanding to my dreams right when I have them. However, I feel like its important for me to record my dreams on here. Therefore, I think for now I am going to simply post what I record about my dreams. A simple copy and paste. I will also try to change up the names so it stays somewhat confidential. However, if you know me and others I associate with, it may be easy for you to decipher. I'll do the best I can.

That being said, I'm back in Texas for the next two years...sad! However, i've had some rather interesting dreams since I've returned.

July 8, 2014

I had a dream that involved Josh and Mike and a few other young individuals. We were all gathering together to do things the Lord had asked of us. Almost as if it was going to be a night of performing ordinances. There was definitely a big storm that night. Josh had a young daughter that wanted to participate but she seemed to be infected with something that made her unsafe to bring along (like bitten by a zombie). Josh and Mike came up with a plan on how to get themselves, myself and the other few young individuals to the location without having Josh's daughter realize because we didn't want to hurt her feelings. However, she noticed and we just had to be blunt with her and tell her she couldn't join us. She acted out with rage and then we left. I felt bad and asked that we pray about letting her come. However, the answer was no at that time. Most of us were riding in Mike's truck and Josh and Mike informed me that it would probably be best to let go of some of the belongings I had because they might slow me down if we had to run to get somewhere. Then I mentioned to Mike that Josh shouldn't be in the back of the truck because of the storm and because things would try to attack/attach themselves to him. So we pulled over to get Josh inside the truck. The rest of the events are fuzzy but I know that there were an equal amount of male and female in the group. I also know that people began to not participate in some of the events that were planned for the night. Some decided to go home early. Josh left and went home to his wife. Before that night, the house was an orange color. Later, his wife kicked him out and the house was painted very bright colors with different colors covering different sections of the house. The living room section was painted a very bright red on the outside of the house and there was a lamp on. Later I told the daughter that she could make an effort to change josh's mind by riding a horse through the town. She began to do so but was pretty upset when the effort she made wasn't enough to convince Josh that she was no longer infected.