Monday, March 31, 2014

George W. Bush in the temple

So I know I haven't posted in a while. It definitely does not mean that I haven't had some pretty cool dreams. I have really gone through some craziness lately trying to do everything the Lord wants me to do, whether or not I, myself, would like to do them. Because of this, and because I currently do not have internet at my home, I haven't posted in a while.
I wanted to tell you all of a really important dream that I had a while back. Some have already heard it, but I think its important that I record it here. I had this dream back around October of 2013. In the dream, I was in the LDS temple. I was going to be doing an endowment session. I remember as I was getting ready, I either put my dress on backwards or I had forgotten to put something on and had to go back and fix it. (I was still pretty new to the whole endowment in the temple.) I remember going out into the hallway and waiting for it to be time to go into the endowment room. All of a sudden, all of the people in the temple that were waiting to do a session began to chatter loudly and run over to a central location of the temple. There in what appeared to be a chapel inside the temple, was George W. Bush. He was there to give a talk. People became angry because they were unable to get front row seats. There were still sessions going on and I definitely wasn't going to waste my time and miss my session by listening to Bush. (I had no negative feelings towards Bush prior to this dream). I realized that I had forgotten my stone (very special) in my locker and went back to retrieve it. I found myself stuck walking slowly behind this couple. I finally got past them and had to walk past George W. Bush in order to get to the dressing room. He was already giving his speech and I didn't seem to care. I had to walk past him and realized that once I got up to him that I was going to have to walk on the train of his white wedding dress in order to get by. I did and went and retrieved my stone. This was the close of my dream.
Some have interpreted this to mean that gay marriage is actually happening inside the temple or will happen within the temple in the near future. Others have interpreted it to mean that the church is corrupted. I leave it up to you to pray and find the interpretation.

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  1. Incredible dream, I can see a lot of different interpretations.

    Thank you for sharing :)