Friday, December 20, 2013


This is one of my favorite dreams! During the last week of September I had been praying about how to make covenants and seeing and conversing with angels. One evening during the last week of September, I read a portion of a book titled "Beloved Enos" by Denver Snuffer. I then decided to get ready to go to sleep. In my prayer that night I prayed about covenants.

In my dream I was approached by an angel. They grabbed my hand and were going to take me to the Father to make a covenant. I awoke from a bright light. I went back to sleep and when I awoke I had the words "ark of the missing covenant" in my mind. I had to get up out of bed because I was extremely hot and sweating.

It was short and I only have slight images. However, it really is amazing to think about. It is also wonderful that at this point in the process, I very much receive answers to questions I ask in my prayers through my dreams.

Anywho, this process of making covenants was later confirmed by an individual who spoke about covenants later that week. AMAZING!

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