Monday, December 16, 2013

How many steps does it take to get to the center of dreaming?

I wanted to take a quick moment to go through some things that I have felt make a difference on your dream state and allow you to be more open to recieving dreams.

First off, sacrifice. Sacrifice your fans, music, noise of any kind (sorry if your husband/wife snore, can't really get rid of them). This summer I noticed a difference from when I would turn my fan or music off at night vs when I would listen to music and have my fan on. I really do think the noise level affects your ability to have these amazing dreams. It could also simply be that I was sacrificing something. I expressed to the Lord why I was doing it and it seemed to make a powerful difference.

Next, don't pray for good sleep. If you want good sleep, then you probably don't want dreams. I wake up and toss and turn throughout the night. I definitely don't get good sleep. And when I do, those are usually the nights that I don't have any dreams to reflect on. I usually pray and ask for dreams and express my desire to sacrifice my good sleep in order to obtain dreams that will answer questions to my prayers.

Food consumption. I have absolutely positively noticed that the types of foods you eat, definitely affects your ability to not only receive prophetic dreams, but overall be in tune with the spirit. Watch what you eat. If you eat healthier and drink lots of water, it is likely your dreams or ability to remember the dreams will improve.

Pray pray pray. Have a complete desire to recieve dreams and then ask for them. Then proceed to ask very specifically. Include in your prayers that when you say "tonight" you are meaning in the earthly time frame. The Lord is on different times than we are. Be VERY specific and of course ask that your physical body will remember it during the whole next day (enough time for you to write it down). (again, on your earthly time table).

Have a journal under your pillow or next to your bed. I have occasionally set my alarm clock for 4 AM in order to wake up and write down my dream in the middle of the night. I promise you that you will have much more information from your dream if you write it down in the middle of the night vs when you wake up in the morning.

Be actively engaged in your scripture study and connection with the Lord. Love Him and have a desire to use His gifts for the welfare and establishment of Zion. And as always, do not become prideful.

Just a few thoughts about the dreaming process that I thought I'd throw out there.

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  1. Really great suggestions! I definitely agree with a healthy diet. In fact one of the protocols I like to follow is; no meat, dairy, grains and screen-time (computers, iPods, etc.) after 6pm. After following that for a while, the vividness and more profound dreams I had increased.

    Anyway, thanks for doing this blog! Its a wonderful thing! -Eva
    (Daughter of Eve from the LDSFF)